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Past exhibition

Debra Bustin: Installation Series Project

12 December 1986–31 January 1987

Debra Bustin's Installation Series project incorporates elements of sculpture, painting, and printmaking. Her concept is the universe as a side show. In the centre of the main gallery, a pillar, transformed into a tree, holds up the sky—a dyed muslin cloth draped from the ceiling. Each corner of the room contains a focal work. In one, it’s a swirl of white birds on the muslin 'sky', above a garden-like installation. In another, the work makes reference to Tangaroa, the Māori god of the sea. (It's the beginning of Bustin's interest in Maori mythology.) In the second, smaller gallery is a yellow tent-piece, titled The Universe, which contains a mechanised sculpture that spins around. A third room contains an interactive tent work, Be Alive. The viewer must dress in costume to experience the work, which contains mirrors. This is Bustin’s second solo project at Wellington City Art Gallery. She was also included in the 1984 exhibition New Women Artists.