City Gallery

Past exhibition

Further Convictions Pending

20 March–2 May 2010

ARTISTS Andrew Beck, Sarah Maxey, Douglas Stitchbury, Tim Thatcher CURATOR Abby Cunnane

Based on one of her draft book-cover designs for a Vincent O’Sullivan poetry collection, Sarah Maxey's wall painting Further Convictions Pending gives this show its name, framing the other artists' works. In Tim Thatcher's fantastic scenes, altars, fortifications, and domestic furniture wrestle with landscape. Andrew Beck’s photographs of dark interiors—a cinema, a lecture theatre, a computer suite—transform institutional buildings into almost supernatural spaces. Douglas Stitchbury’s paintings represent tragic objects and scenes. His Tragic Rock (2010) depicts a Scottish hill where a newlywed couple were killed by a freak rock fall, which is now a tourist site.