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Past exhibition

Hat Trick!

10 July–8 August 2004

ARTISTS Victoria  Birkinshaw, Anne Noble, Andy Morley-Hall

Hat Trick! brings together three Wellington photographers who capture the extraordinary in the everyday.

Victoria Birkinshaw spent weeks with Webber Bros. Circus as it toured the Wellington region, creating her series The Circus (2003). Scenes of glamour and excitement are matched with ones of manual labour—installing and packing down. There is a weariness about the people in the photos.

Anne Noble’s series Ruby’s Room (2000–4) consists of close-ups of her daughter's mouth with objects in it. In one massive print, Ruby’s Room 32 (2004), she sports false teeth made of fruit peel.

Street photographer Andy Morley-Hall travelled with the Whopper Chopper Seaside Extravaganza as it toured New Zealand in the summer of 2003–4. His understated photographs capture whimsical everyday moments in recognisable locations, including a Kilbirnie supermarket car park, Frank Kitts Park, and Courtenay Place.