City Gallery

Past exhibition

How to Fall

29 June–1 September 2013

ARTISTS Heather Hayward, Melissa Irving, Marnie Slater, Ruth Thomas-Edmond CURATOR Abby Cunnane

We learn how to fall and catch ourselves. This show takes the idea of ‘the fall’ as a starting point to consider a range of repetitive performance gestures. Former competitive gymnast, Melissa Irving, films her own performances of improvised choreography, documenting a series of ‘failures’. Ruth Thomas-Edmond collages coloured vinyl directly to the gallery wall. Her work exists for the duration of the show only. Using offcuts of wood from residential demolition sites, Heather Hayward builds a temporary sculpture, Transitional City, evoking the latent potential of raw and discarded materials. Marnie Slater’s serialised online text is constructed throughout the show, pointing to the ways writing—and reading—can be performance too.