City Gallery

Past exhibition

Ioane Ioane: Poly Wants a Cracker

28 April–10 June 2012

Ioane Ioane is a New Zealand artist of Samoan descent. His installation Poly Wants a Cracker (2002) features peach-coloured dildos, hung at eye height and laid with a synthetic-flower lei. These appendages look like they have been lopped off and mounted like big-game trophies. There is also a silver male mannequin—with a ukulele, a synthetic grass skirt, and a disconcertingly happy smile—greeting visitors. Ioane's title combines ‘Poly' (meaning Polynesian) with ‘Cracker' (a racial slur for white males). Ioane implies that Pacific people may be attracted to palagi (European) or fia palagi (wanting to be European) practices as a means of advancing themselves socially and economically.