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Past exhibition

Keith Arnatt: One Foot Has Not Yet Reached the Next Street

22 February–24 April 1994

OTHER VENUES Robert McDougall Art Gallery, Christchurch 3 June–3 July 1994; Auckland Art Gallery, 12 August–2 October 1994; Govett-Brewster Art Gallery, New Plymouth, 20 October–4 December 1994 ORGANISER Exhibitour SPONSOR British Council

In this show of forty large colour photographs, British conceptual artist Keith Arnatt lends an advertising gloss to man-made debris: empty paint cans, broken toys, bricks, rubber gloves, and garden ornaments. It’s as if Turner's romantic landscapes and Dutch still lives have been parodied with discarded polythene and an HP sauce bottle. 'I wonder if you could deal with the whole history of art from rubbish dumps’, Arnatt says. 'But, of course, the whole world is becoming a rubbish dump anyway.’ While the show explores the 'superabundance' and 'super excess' of consumer society, Arnatt says environmental concerns aren't a major aspect of his work. Many of the works featured in Arnatt's presentation in the 1991 Sao Paulo Biennial. The show is part of the Gallery’s programme for the 1994 International Festival of the Arts. Arnatt attends the exhibition and gives a public talk as well as an offsite talk for photography students at Wellington Polytechnic School of Design. Arnatt dies in Wales in 2008.