City Gallery

Past exhibition

Leilani Kake: Tino Rangatira Tanga

3 April–13 June 2010

Leilani Kake describes her late father Richard as a modern-day rangatira. Using a handheld camera, the Auckland-based video artist documents his receiving his tā moko (Māori facial tattoo), as well as his later illness and passing. He felt obligated to enable the recording of his tattooing, consenting to be filmed. The artist said he would also have agreed to her filming his tangi (funeral), as long as it was done tastefully. Her film, Tino Rangatira Tanga, presents these intimate moments through her eyes. With its rich soundtrack—of moteatea (customary genealogical incantations), hīmene (hymns), waiata whakangahau (songs of celebration), and pop songs—it points to the role song play in Māori life.