City Gallery

Past exhibition

Martin Basher: Blackberry Schnapps

19 April–3 August 2014

Blackberry Schnapps develops out of Martin Basher’s 2010 residency at the McCahon House, Titirangi. It is grounded in his experience of the studio and the act of painting. The enormous banner at the centre of the work started its life as a humble drop sheet protecting the his studio floor at the McCahon House. It recalls McCahon’s unstretched canvases, which were painted on the floor. The accumulation of tape and paint, footprints, and dirt on its surface offers an after-image or index of Basher’s months of work on numerous paintings. One of these paintings hangs in front of the banner. Also installed over the banner are two pieces of black leather, draped over two towel rails. The shelf holds crystal champagne glasses, men's deodorant, and candles. Basher’s installation alludes to the use of painted backdrops in promotional displays in department stores and trade shows. Previously Wellington based, Basher now lives in New York.