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Past exhibition

Michael Robinson: The Dark, Krystle

1 December 2014–1 March 2015

In his collage video, The Dark, Krystle (2013), American artist Michael Robinson parses the 1980s TV soap-opera Dynasty. He collects and reedits clips of the female protagonists, Krystle and Alexis Carrington, drawing attention to their signature gestures, which persist through endless costume and hairdo changes. Repurposing the stock gesture, he allows viewers to both enjoy the artifice and feel it recharge with new emotional force. The work is equal parts archival fashion show and feminist morality play. It’s accompanied by Robinson’s video, Line Describing Your Mom (2011). In this ‘choreography of devotion’, the artist sets altered footage of amateur liturgical choreography to the sounds of a woman’s YouTube confessional. The title is a cheeky nod to Anthony McCall’s canonical 1974 ‘solid light’ film, Line Describing a Cone.