City Gallery

Past exhibition

Pauline Rhodes: Intensum in Memoriam [Project Series]

3 July–2 August 1987

Christchurch artist Pauline Rhodes presents the last show in the Installation/Project Series. It continues her Extensum/Intensum series of sculptural interventions that either ‘expand’ or ‘intensify’ the viewer’s perception of  space. These works can be situated in galleries and in the natural landscape. 

Intensum in Memoriam pays tribute to a close friend who recently passed away. It's monumental, filling the room to its edges. Flat, vertical sections of stained plywood rise from the floor in a cruciform arrangement, claiming the pillar as its ‘central core’, and rippling outwards. Stone blocks, suggesting toppled gravestones, are placed at intervals around its centre. Green-cross markers lean towards (but don’t touch) the gallery walls. 

In his Evening Post review ‘“Perfect” End to Installation Series’, Ian Wedde writes, ‘The City Gallery piece has done its best to accommodate the desire of the gallery space to be a party to events, a participant. But Intensum seems also to be expressing a cramped nostalgia for the spaces of cocksfoot headlands above long inlets, beech-forest clearing, quarry rock faces, algee’d pools.’