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Past exhibition


7 March–6 March 2003

ARTISTS Léola Le Blanc, Matthew McIntyre Wilson, Steph Lusted, Suzanne Tamaki, Frances Stachl, Peter Deckers, Craig McIntosh CURATOR Rebecca Wilson 

Precious showcases seven Wellington jewellers. Matthew McIntyre Wilson fuses copper and silver, creating patterns by rolling and slicing material in different ways. Frances Stachl crafts every individual silver strand and link in her long chain. Steph Lusted creates old-fashioned medical implements in precious and industrial materials. Suzanne Tamaki dyes and assembles rooster feathers. Craig McIntosh sets old bottle caps and pieces of plastic in silver as brooches. Peter Decker’s The Reproduction Guild demonstrates both a finely-honed craft and a commitment to jewellery as a means for conveying concepts.