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Past exhibition

Radio with Pictures

28 April–27 May 2007

ARTISTS Charlie Ash, Sam Broad, Julian Bryant, Luke Buda, Daniel Campion, Cassette, Louise Clifton, Connan and the Mockasins, Cortina, Jessica Cowley, Disasteradio, James Findlater, A. Bryce Galloway, Joe Garlick, Ghostplane, Sam Handley, Mike Heynes, Blain Hosford, Ian Jorgensen, Campbell Kneale, MarineVille, Nick Marrison, James Milne, Lissa Mitchell, Jonny Koefed, Mëstar, Sarah Jane Parton, Age Pryor, Sally Tran, Luke Savage, Samuel Flynn Scott, Bevan Smith, Rhian Sheehan, Phoenix Foundation, Ned and Rollo Wenlock, John White CURATOR Jessica Reid

Radio with Pictures presents sixteen recent music videos and nine recent album-cover designs by Wellington artists for New Zealand Music Month. This personal ‘mixtape’ selection comes from curator Jessica Reid. Its title is borrowed from TVNZ’s alternative-music programme, which screened between 1977 and 1986, coinciding with the rise of the music-video form. 

The clips exemplify a diversity of techniques, including grainy film (Connan and the Mockasins, There Goes Tane), DIY (Bryce Galloway/Mr Pudding, The Tiniest Noise Musician), slick animation (Rhian Sheehan, An Afternoon on the Moon, and Age Pryor, Leave It All Behind), reedited found footage (Disasteradio, Hotline), and slice-of-life (Ghostplane, The Straight and Narrow). Some of the most affective videos use simple ideas (Samuel Flynn Scott, War over Water, and Signer, I Was Dressed as the Ant, You Dressed Up as a Beehive).

The clips run on a loop, projected on the wall, except for musician-artist Campbell Kneale’s twenty-eight-minute Second Fake Capricorn, which plays on a monitor with headphones. It layers abstract patterns, in the vein of Len Lye’s direct films.

Album-cover designs are presented at working-drawing stage, in finished form, and as enlarged prints, with techniques ranging from drawing to photography to computer graphics.