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Past exhibition

Robert Jesson

22 October–20 November 1983

In the early 1970s, Robert Jesson studies at Norwich School of Art and St Martins, London, before returning to New Zealand in 1977. A rising star in the early 1980s, he makes constructed painted abstract sculptures. His saw-toothed, lightning-bolt, lattice, and explosion forms seem derived from the graphic language of comics and 1950s design. His sculptures are wall mounted, sit on the floor, or hang from the ceiling. With his retro-pop sensibility, Jesson has much in common with New Image painters like Gavin Chilcott and Paul Hartigan. The twelve new sculptures in his show are mostly constructed of wood, but one is a more organic, mummified form. Jesson appears on the cover of Art New Zealand in 1985, but soon relocates to Melbourne and gives up art. He dies in Tauranga in 2015.