City Gallery

Past exhibition


25 September 2010–16 January 2011

ARTISTS Adel Abdessemed, Romy Achituv, Vernon Ah Kee, Tony Albert, Chiho Aoshima, Minam Apang, Kamrooz Aram, Fereydoun Ave, Chinatsu Ban, Rina Banerjee, Del Kathryn Barton, Zadok Ben-David, Gordon Bennet, Tanyth Berkeley, Bhutanese Textile Project, Wutthichai Boontham, Eugene Carchesio, Sheba Chhachhi, Chuck Close, Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy, Shane Cotton, Todd Couper, David Craig and Takeda Souun, Ed Cruikshank, Lesley Dill, Atul Dodya, Feng Bin, Jacqueline Fraser, Gade, Ori Gershit, Luis Gispert, Lyonel Grant, Keven Francis Gray, Osang Gwon, Gnkar Gyatso, Kith Haring, He Sen, Chris Heaphy, Huang Yan, Lonnie Jutchinson, Tim Johnson, Isaac Julien, Robyn Kahukiwa, Jitish Kallat, Reena Saini Kallat, Manjunath Kamath, Kitty Kantilla, Titus Kaphar, Anish Kapoor, Mike Kelley, Kim Dong Yoo, Rangi Kipa, Terrence Koh, Nim Kruasaeng, Sakarin Kueon, Sigalit Landau, Ugyen Lhendup, Liu Wei, Lena Liv, George Martin P.J., Cameron Martin, Wardell Milan, Wangechi Mutu, Yoshitomo Nara, Liz Neal, Shirin Neshat, Nortse, Julian Opie, Raquel Ormella, Fiona Pardington, Michael Parekowhai, Justin Ponmany, John Pule, Qiu JIe, Rashid Rana, Navin Rawanchaikul, Lisa Reihana, Tenzing Rigdol, Peter Robinson, Tom Sachs, Pinaree Sanpitak, Gigi Scaria, Greg Semu, Andres Serrano, Roger Shepherd, Doug and Mike Starn, Tavares Strachan, Sui Jianguo, Sung, Jerry Swaffield, Kelcy Taratoa, Thukral and Tagra, Roi Toia, Chintan Upadhyay, Hema Upadhyay, Wang Lei, Wang Luyan, Wang Qingsong, Wangmo, Jurmey, Kezang, and Sonam, Judy Watson, Areta Wilkinson, Xin Haizhou, Xing Danwen, Yuval Yairi, Yoo Seungho, Yu Hong, Yue Minjun, Zhu Wei OTHER VENUE Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 22 October 2011–29 April 2012

Roundabout° showcases works from the collection of American collectors and art dealers David Teplitzky and Peggy Scott. The couple’s ongoing project involves collecting and commissioning works from seminal and emerging artists from Australasia, the Pacific, Asia, the US, the Middle East, Europe, and Russia—with a strong focus on indigenous work. It is said that the show is designed as a ‘roundabout’, with no single way to navigate it. Roundabout° incorporates two solo shows by Australian Aboriginal artists, Vernon Ah Kee (25 September–14 November 2010) and Tony Albert (Pay Attention, 20 November 2010–16 January 2011). Questions are raised about the Gallery showcasing the collection. But Director Paula Savage says City Gallery’s curators made the initial selection of works, and worked alongside Teplitzky's team refining the final selection and layout. ‘We are wanting to show a remarkable collection that people wouldn't otherwise get to see’, she says.