City Gallery

Past exhibition

Siegfried Koglmeier: Central

5 September–26 September 1988

Siegfried Koglmeier is invited to create a sculpture for the lawn outside Wellington City Central Library. For Central, the Dunedin-based artist arranges red sticks on the Library lawn and on the Library roof suggesting a field of concentric circles. The pattern can be viewed from the ground and from nearby highrises. To emphasise the work’s connection to the Library building, the word ‘Central’ on its façade is filled in with red paint. Koglmeier describes himself as ‘a typical German’ due to his precise nature. However, he intends the work to fall into chaos. With help from the Gallery staff, the public, and natural forces, the sticks become disordered—but the pattern is ultimately restored. Though it is meant to stay until 30 September, curator Gregory Burke has Central deinstalled on 26 September, as grass has overgrown it.