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13 August–18 November 2018

The film’s wrecking-ball quality, personified by its punk disregard for copyright law, leaves no doubt about its activism, though it is through consistently imaginative editing that it goes well beyond agitprop, repopulating an official moving-image legacy with heretofore marginalised gays, feminists, and minorities.—Tim Wong

TERROR NULLIUS scrambles excerpts from canonical Australian cinema, queering it, to create a perverse political-revenge fable that unwrites Australian national mythology. The film is part political satire, part eco-horror, part road movie. Cross-referencing the ill treatment of the land’s original owners with that of refugee ‘queue jumpers’, Dominique and Dan Angeloro mount their critique of the Australian underbelly with a sensibility so juvenile, so larrikin, and, paradoxically, so Australian.

TERROR NULLIUS was commissioned by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne.

2018, 55min
R13 Violence, offensive language, sex scenes, and other content that may disturb.

Screens in the Auditorium.

Start times
Monday 12 – Wednesday 14 November
10.30am–3.30pm, on the half hour

Thursday 15 November
10.30am–2.30pm, on the half hour

Friday 16 – Sunday 18 November
10.30am–3.30pm, on the half hour