City Gallery

Past exhibition

Warren and Mahoney Retrospective

24 September–21 November 1994

Acclaimed Christchurch architectural firm Warren and Mahoney have been in business for forty years. The practice is founded in 1955 by Miles Warren, who is joined in 1958 by Maurice Mahoney—they became a partnership. Warren and Mahoney are renowned for their modernist approach.

The firm wins its first award, a Gold Medal from the New Zealand Institute of Architects, in 1960. More recently, it receives a National Award for the new railway station in Addington. The firm's designs appear throughout New Zealand, and in the Pacific Islands, Washington DC, and New Dehli. In Wellington, their buildings include the Michael Fowler Centre, the Wellington Club on the Terrace, and Barclays House on Customhouse Quay.

Warren is knighted in 1985 for his services to architecture and the exhibition is timed to commemorate his retirement. It features architectural plans, photographs, and models.

Wellington architect, Ian Athfield—who got his start at Warren and Mahoney in the late 1950s—speaks at the opening. However, the rivalry between Athfield and the firm is hinted at by Richard McLean in the Evening Post, who reports, ‘Attempts to photograph them in front of the Sir Michael Fowler centre, one of their most notable creations were somewhat stymied by Wellington architect, Ian Athfield—or at least his trees. “Look, try to keep Ath's palms out of the picture”, said Sir Miles, as the steel fronds intruded.’

The exhibition is the first in a series of City Gallery design shows.